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Ribbon Block properties


const data = [
type: "block",
id?: string | number,
parent?: string,
items?: object[],

direction?: "row" | "col",
title?: string,

css?: "string",
disabled?: boolean,
hidden?: boolean,


type(required) the type of a control, set it to "block". If not specified - the "navItem" type is applied by default.
id(optional) the id of a control, auto-generated if not set
parent(optional) the parent of the block
items(optional) an array of nested controls
direction(optional) defines the layout of controls within the block: "col" or "row"; controls that do not fit in one row/column are automatically placed in the next row/column
title(optional) sets a text label beneath the block
css(optional) adds a custom CSS class to the block
disabled(optional) defines whether a block is disabled
hidden(optional) defines whether a block is hidden


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