shows a Popup

void show(HTMLElement element,object config);


elementHTMLElementmandatory, the container to place a popup in
configobjectoptional, the configuration object of a popup


<div id="popup_container"></div>
var popup = new dhx.Popup();"popup_container");

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The config object can contain the properties below:

  • centering - (boolean) defines whether a popup should be centered relative to the element, true by default
  • auto - (boolean) enables autopositioning of a popup, i.e. it will be shown at that side of an element which provides enough space for a popup
  • mode - (string) the position relative to the element to show a popup at: "left", "right", "bottom" (default), "top"
  • indent - (number) the offset of a popup relative to the element
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Change log
  • the indent property of the config parameter is added in v6.1
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