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This page contains structured information that will help you to start working with DHTMLX Popup and go into deep dive on its functionality.

How to start with DHTMLX Popup

In this section you can find out how to initialize Popup with different data components, and how to integrate a Popup into your applications.


Basic initializationRead how to initialize a Popup on a page
Attaching widgetsLearn how to attach a DHTMLX component to a Popup (Example 1, Example 2)
Attaching HTML contentLearn how to attach some HTML content to a Popup (Example)


Backend integrationLearn how to connect DHTMLX Suite to a backend (Demo)
OptimusLearn how to use DHTMLX Optimus framework for creating DHTMLX-based app
(recommended framework for creating apps with Suite components)
React integrationLearn how to use DHTMLX Popup with React (Demo)
Angular integrationLearn how to use DHTMLX Popup with Angular (Demo)
Vue integrationLearn how to use DHTMLX Popup with Vue.js (Demo)

How to customize Popup

In this section you may study how to change the style of Popup.

Styling PopupLearn how to customize a Popup (Example)
List of CSS classesA set of CSS classes provided by the DHTMLX library

How to work with Popup

In this section you may learn how to show or hide a popup, how to check its visibility, how to configure the position of the component, and more.

Showing / hiding a PopupLearn how to show a Popup at the specified position or hide a Popup (Example 1, Example 2)
Auto positioningThe example shows how to configure the auto positioning for Popup
Prevent showing or hiding of a PopupThe example helps to understand how to prevent a Popup from being shown (Example) or hidden (Example)
Checking visibility of a PopupLearn how to check whether a Popup is visible (Example)

How to work with Popup events

This section explains how to work with Popup events.

Event basic rulesLearn basic rules on how to work with events
Event handlingLearn how to attach, detach, or call the Popup events (Example)

API reference

In this section you can find out corresponding references of Popup API.

Popup methodsCheck the list of Popup methods
Popup eventsCheck the list of Popup events
Popup propertiesCheck the list of Popup properties

Common functionality

In this section you will learn about common functionality of the library which can be useful while working with Popup.

Touch supportLearn how to work with touch support
TypeScript supportLearn how to work with TypeScript
AwaitRedrawLearn how to perform the code after the component’s rendering

Any questions left?


Do you need more functionality? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments below!