Colorpicker API

destructor releases the occupied resources
focusValue sets focus on the specified value
getCustomColors returns an array of selected custom colors
getValue returns the code of a selected color
getView returns the currently set view of the colorpicker
setCustomColors sets custom colors that will be displayed at the bottom of the palette
setValue selects a color in ColorPicker
setView shows colopicker either in the "palette" or in the "picker" view
cancelClick fires on clicking the "Cancel" button
colorChange fires on changing selected color in ColorPicker
selectClick fires on clicking the "Select" button
viewChange fires on changing the view of ColorPicker
css adds custom CSS classes to ColorPicker
customColors shows a section with custom colors in the bottom part of the ColorPicker
grayShades defines whether the section with gray shades is displayed in the palette
palette contains arrays of colors you want to be shown in a colorpicker
paletteOnly defines whether ColorPicker is shown only the palette mode
pickerOnly defines whether ColorPicker is shown only the picker mode
width sets the width of ColorPicker
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