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Adding/Deleting Elements

Adding elements

There are two variants of adding a new element to your design:

Adding a new element through Context menu

To add a new element:

  • Right click an element which you want to nest other elements into. The available context menu will appear.
  • In the opened context menu select an element to nest.


Adding a new element through the buttons of Components tree

This way allows adding a new element by using the navigation buttons of Components tree.

To add a new element of the same nesting level as the currently selected one - click the button designer/same_level.png.


To add a new element of the lower nesting level to the currently selected one (to nest an element) - click designer/nest_level1.png.


Deleting Elements

There is the only way to delete an existing element. It consists in the following:

  • Select an element you wish to delete in the Components tree;

  • From the top bar of the Components tree click the designer/delete.png button;


  • After clicking the button a confirm window will appear;


  • In the confirm window click OK to confirm the operation or Cancel to cancel it.

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