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Work with Pagination

Setting/getting the active page

It is possible to set the active page in a widget via Pagination API, i.e. with the help of the setPage() method. It takes the index of a page as a parameter:


You can also identify what page is currently active by using the getPage() method. It will return the index of the active page:

const pageIndex = pagination.getPage();
// -> 3

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Setting/getting count of items per page

You can define the size of the widget page, i.e specify the number of items to be displayed on each page of the widget via the setPageSize() method. Pass the necessary number of items as a parameter to the method:


Use the getPageSize() method to get the count of items displayed per page:

// -> 22

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Getting total number of pages

You can get the total number of pages by applying the getPagesCount() method:

const totalPages = pagination.getPagesCount();
// -> 10

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