Arrow keys navigation

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The DataView component provides the possibility to navigate its items with arrow keys. You can enable this functionality using the keyNavigation property:

var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview", {
    itemsInRow: 4, keyNavigation: true

As a value of this option you can use either true/false to switch it on/off, or you can specify a function that will define some custom navigation logic.

Drag-n-drop of items

dhtmlxDataView supports drag-n-drop of items between dataviews in several modes. To begin with, you should specify the dragMode property in the configuration object of DataView. Then define which mode you need:

  • "target" - a dataview takes items from other dataviews, while its items can't be dragged out of it
  • "source" - a dataview allows dragging its items out and can't take items from other dataviews
  • "both" - a dataview both takes items from other dataviews and allows dragging its items out as well
var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview_container", { 

In order to provide the possiblity of dragging several items between dataviews, you should enable the multiselection property in addition to dragMode:

var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview_container", { 

Read more about multiselection in DataView below.

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Copying dragged item

Instead of moving a dragged item to a new position in the same or a different dataview, you can copy it. Use the dragCopy option in the configuration object of a dataview.

var source = new dhx.DataView("dataview-source", {dragMode: "source", dragCopy: true});
var target = new dhx.DataView("dataview-target", {dragMode: "target", dragCopy: true});

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Editing items

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You can enable the possibility to edit DataView items with the help of the editable configuration option:

var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview_container", {editable:true});

Height of an item

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You can specify the necessary height of a Dataview item and set it before initialization of Dataview via the itemHeight property either as a number:

// sets the height of an item as a number
var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview", { 
    itemHeight:34 });

or as a string value

// sets the height of an item as a string value
var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview", { 
    itemHeight:"34px" });

The usage of the CSS calc() function within the itemHeight property is not possible.

Height of the Dataview

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You can define the desired height of a dataview via the height configuration option as easy as that:

var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview", {height: 150});

You can also use a string value for setting the height of Dataview:

var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview", {height: "400px"});

The usage of the CSS calc() function within the height property is not possible.

Margins around DataView items

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It is possible to add margins around DataView items to increase distance between two items as well as between an item and DataView borders. Use the gap configuration property to define the desired margin:

var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview", {itemsInRow: 4, gap: 20});

Multiple selection of items

By default, you can select only one item in a dataview, since selection of another item resets selection of the previous one. To enable the possbility to select several DataView items, make use of the multiselection configuration option:

var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview", {multiselection:true});

Setting the multiselection property to true presupposes selection of multiple items by using Ctrl key. It is also possible to use the "Ctrl+click" combination to select several items. For this, you need to set the multiselection configuration option to "ctrlClick":

var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview", {

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Number of items in a row

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You can define the number of items that should be displayed in a row of DataView with the help of the itemsInRow configuration property:

var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview", {itemsInRow: 5});

Selection of items

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The default configuration of DataView provides you with the selection feature that allows highlighting a DataView item. To disable selection in a DataView you need to set the selection configuration property to false:

var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview", {
    selection: false

Template for DataView items

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You can define a template for rendering items in a dataview with the help of the template configuration property. You need to set a function as its value and pass one parameter to it:

  • item - (object) an object of a data item
var dataview = new dhx.DataView("dataview", {
    itemsInRow: 4, 
    template: function(item) {
        var template = "<div class='item_wrap'>";
        template += "<img class='image' src=" + "..images/" + item.thumbnailName + " />";
        template += "<h2 class='title'>" + item.value + "</h2>";
        template += "<p class='description'>" + item.shortDescription + "</p>";
        template += "</div>";
        return template;
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