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ButtonSelect Control

presents a drop-down list


idstring|numberthe button’s id
typestringthe "buttonSelect" type
icons_pathstringthe path to the folder with icons or global path to icons set fo Ribbon
itemsarrayan array of buttonSelect items

myRibbon = new dhtmlXRibbon({
 parent: "myRibbon",
 icons_path: "../codebase/ribbon/",
 items: [
   {type:'block', text:'office document', mode:'cols', list:[
     {id: "menu", type:"buttonSelect", text: "menu", img: "48/open.gif", items:[
        {id:"new",  text: "New", img: "18/new.gif"},
        {id:"sep0", type: "separator"},
        {id:"open", text: "Open", img: "18/open.gif"},
        {id:"save", text: "Save", img: "18/save.gif"}
        {id: "copy", text:"copy", img: "18/copy.gif"},
        {id: "cut", text:"cut", img: "18/cut.gif"},
        {id: "paste", text:"paste", img: "18/paste.gif"}

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