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NewLevel for Block

allows creating a new row of items in the block (is specified by the value “rows” of the mode property)

Just write


and all items that follow this line will be placed into a next row. In such a way you can create any number of rows.

Note: the mode:"cols" parameter specifies that the items of the block will be arranged into columns. In this case you don't need to define the "newLevel" item, as a new block's item will be moved to the next column after 3 items have already been added to the previous column.

myRibbon = new dhtmlXRibbon({
    parent: "myRibbon",
    icons_path: "../codebase/ribbon/",
    tabs = [
        {text : "tab 1",
        active : true,
        items : []
        {text : "tab 2",
        items : [
            {type:'block', text:'Block 1', mode:'rows', list:[
                {type:'button', text:'copy' , img : "18/copy.gif"},
                {type:'button', text:'cut', img : "18/cut.gif" },
                {type:'button', text:'new' , img : "18/new.gif"},
                {type : "newLevel"},
                {type:'button', text:'open' , img : "18/open.gif"},
                {type:'button', text:'paste', img : "18/paste.gif" },
                {type : "newLevel"},
                {type:'button', text:'print', img : "18/print.gif"}
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