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Input Control

presents a standard text input field


idstring|numberthe input's id
typestringthe "input" type
textstringthe input's label
imgstringthe icon of the input in the enabled state
imgdisstringthe icon of the input in the disabled state
valuestringthe initial text of the input
disabledbooleandefines whether the input item is enabled or disabled, false by default

myRibbon = new dhtmlXRibbon({
    parent: "myRibbon",
    icons_path: "../codebase/ribbon/",
    items: [
        {type:'block', text:'office document', list:[
            {type: "group", list: [
                {id: "input_1", type:"input", text:"input 1"}
                {"id":"input_2", "type":"input", "width":130},
                {"id":"input_3", "type":"input", "text":"input 3", value:"Any text"}

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