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Group Control

unites several items in a group


idstring|numberthe group's id
typestringthe "group" type
disablebooleandefines whether a group item is enable or disabled, false by default
listarrayan array of items in the group

myRibbon = new dhtmlXRibbon({
  parent: "myRibbon",
  icons_path: "../codebase/ribbon/",
  items : [
      {type:'block', text:'office document', list:[
        {id : "group_1", type: "group", list : [
           {id: "open", type:"button", text:"Open", img: "48/open.gif"},
           {id: "print",type:"button", text:"Print", img: "48/printer.png"},
           {id: "preview",type:"button", text:"Preview", img: "48/zoom_selection.png"}
        {id : "group_2", type : "group", list : [
           {"id":"go_to","type":"buttonTwoState","text":"go to","img":"48/tab_go.png"}
        {id : "group_3", type : "group", list : [
           {"id":"bold", "type":"button", "text":"bold", "img":"18/text_bold.png"},
           {"id":"italic","type":"button", "text":"italic","img":"18/text_italic.png"},
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