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ButtonCombo Control

a combobox with an autocomplete feature


idstring|numberthe buttonCombo's id
typestringthe "buttonCombo" type
textstringthe buttonCombo's label
itemsarrayan array of buttonCombo items
widthnumberthe buttonCombo's width
comboTypestring"checkbox" or "image" - allows adding check boxes or images to combo's items
comboImagePathstringthe path to the folder with buttonCombo’s images
comboDefaultImagestringthe default image of an item
comboDefaultImageDisstringthe default image of an item in the disabled state

myRibbon = new dhtmlXRibbon({
    parent: "myRibbon",
    icons_path: "../codebase/ribbon/",
    items : [
        {type:'block', text:'Block 1', mode:'cols', list:[
            {type:'buttonCombo', text:'buttonCombo 1', items : [
                {value: "1", text: "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"},
                {value: "2", text: "The Dead Zone", selected: true},
                {value: "3", text: "The First Men in the Moon"},
                {value: "4", text: "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon"},
                {value: "5", text: "The Green Mile"},
                {value: "6", text: "The Invisible Man"},
                {value: "7", text: "The Island of Doctor Moreau"},
                {value: "8", text: "The Prince and the Pauper"}

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