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Integration with DHTMLX

In different situations you might need to combine form with some other dhtmlx components.

Components which you can put into form

You can put the following dhtmlx components into form:

Form's integration with these components is realized through the appropriate item types: calendar, colorpicker, combo and editor.

Integration with container components

Pretty often, you need to place form into other dhtmlx components. Such dhtmlx components are also known as container components. They are:

Integration with any container component implements the same technique:

  1. Create a container component instance
    Details see in the related documentation:accordion, layout, tabbar, window.

  2. Put form into the container

//accordion, layout, tabbar
   myForm = mylayout.cells("a").attachForm();
   myForm.loadStruct("data.json", "json");
   myForm = myWins.window("win").attachForm();
   myForm.loadStruct("data.json", "json");
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