Work with Slider

The Slider API helps you control the functionality of the component through a set of handy methods.

Disabling/enabling Slider

You can control the activity of the slider via the disable()/enable() methods:

// disable a slider on a page
// make the slider active again

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Checking if a slider is disabled

To check if a slider is disabled, call the isDisabled() method:

slider.isDisabled(); // -> true/false

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Setting value

While a user sets the value of a slider by dragging the thumb to the desired position, you can set the value from the code via the setValue() method:


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Getting value

You can get the current value of Slider with the help of the getValue() method.

var value = slider.getValue(); // -> [20]
// for a range slider as an array
var value = slider.getValue(); // -> [20,50]

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In case you've set the value of Slider as an array where the first number is greater than the second one, e.g. [50,20], getValue() will return the value as an array with numbers in the ascending order, that is [20,50].

// sets value as an array (the first number is greater than the second one)
// returns an array of numbers (the numbers are ascending)
var value = slider.getValue(); // -> [20,50]
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