Slider API

getValue returns the current value of the Slider
setValue sets a value for the slider
destructor removes a slider instance and releases occupied resources
disable disables slider
enable enables slider
paint repaints Slider on a page
change fires on change of the slider value
mousedown fires on pressing the left mouse button over the slider thumb
mouseup fires on releasing the left mouse button over the slider thumb
css adds style classes for the component
help adds an icon with a question mark next to Slider
hiddenLabel adds a hidden label for a Slider that will be used while sending a form to the server
inverse enables/disables the inverse slider mode
label specifies the label of a slider
labelInline defines whether the label of a slider is rendered on the same level with the trackbar or above it
labelWidth sets the width of a label
majorTick sets interval of rendering numeric values on the slider scale
max the maximal value of slider
min the minimal value of slider
mode the direction of the Slider scale
range enables/disables the possibility to select a range of values on the slider
step the step the slider thumb will be moved with
thumbLabel enables prompt messages with ticks values on hovering over the slider thumb
tick sets the interval of steps for rendering the slider scale
tickTemplate sets a template for rendering values on the scale
value the value the thumb will be set at on initialization of the slider
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