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What's new

If you are updating Kanban from an older version, check Migration to newer versions for details.

Version 1.3

Released on September 29, 2022

Review of release on the blog

New functionality

  • Duplicating cards via API, a context menu (3 dots icon) or the Ctrl (Command) + D shortcuts (allows duplicating multiple cards)
  • Exporting Kanban data to a JSON file
  • Managing Kanban history:
    • via Undo and Redo controls on Toolbar
    • via shortcuts:
      • Ctrl (Command)+Z - undo action
      • Ctrl (Command)+Y or Ctrl (Command)+Shift+Z - redo action
    • via API


Deprecated API


Version 1.2.2

Released on August 30, 2022


  • Duplicating of some icons in menu and toolbar

Version 1.2.1

Released on July 28, 2022


  • The cardHeight property doesn't work with the enabled scrollType:"column" config
  • Uploader doesn't show uploaded files in card editor
  • Localization doesn't work for "combo" and "progress" fields in card editor

Version 1.2

Released on June 29, 2022

Review of release on the blog

New functionality

  • Adding new cards via a column menu (see the example)
  • Lazy rendering (see the example)
  • Scrolling for separate columns (see the example)
  • Scrolling Kanban to the new created cards, columns and rows (API and UI) (see the example)
  • Sorting cards (API and UI) (see the example)





  • Binding cards to swimlanes via the rowKey config works incorrectly
  • Clicking on card menu opens editor
  • Dragging several cards works incorrectly
  • Editing cards when select: false (readonly config) works incorrectly
  • Selecting new added cards via the addCard() method works incorrectly
  • The label: false and menu: false parameters of the cardShape property work incorrectly

Version 1.1.1

Released on February 28, 2022

Review of release on the blog


  • Custom editor field doesn't work without defining it in a cardShape config
  • Selecting the required card from the dropdown menu of the search bar

Version 1.1

Released on February 15, 2022

Review of release on the blog

New functionality

  • The ability to collapse/expand columns using an arrow on the left of the column label
  • The ability to limit the number of cards for the columns and swimlanes
  • The ability to move columns via the context menu (a 3 dots icon)
  • The ability to move rows via the context menu (a 3 dots icon)
  • The ability to select multiple cards of the same column using the familiar Shift + click combination
  • The ability to use TypeScript definitions of Kanban




  • The cards property is became optional

  • The columns property is became optional and extended by the following parameters:

    • collapsed
    • limit
    • strictLimit
  • The color parameter of the cardShape property is updated



Version 1.0

Released on November 23, 2021

Review of release on the blog

Initial functionality

  • The ability to work with cards in the following way:

    • add new cards
    • select cards (multiselection)
    • delete cards
    • search for cards
    • reorder cards by dragging them to the desired column (and row)
    • manage the card data via the editor:
      • label
      • description
      • progress
      • start date
      • end date
      • color
      • priority
      • attachment (files and pictures)
      • custom fields
  • Ability to work with columns and rows in the following way:

    • add new columns and rows
    • delete columns and rows
    • rename columns and rows
    • collapse/expand rows
  • Localization

  • Integration with backend (Go and Node)

  • Cross browser compatibility

  • Touch support