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Fires when updating a comment


"update-comment": ({
id?: string | number,
cardId: string | number,
comment: {
id?: string | number,
cardId?: string | number,
text?: string,
date?: Date,
html?: string
skipProvider?: boolean
}) => void;


The callback of the update-comment event can take an object with the following parameters:

  • id - (optional) the ID of the comment to be updated
  • cardId - (required) the ID of the card which comment will be updated
  • comment - (required) the configuration object of the comment to be updated. Here you can specify the following parameters:
    • id - (optional) the ID of the updated comment
    • cardId - (optional) the ID of the card, to which the updated comment will be added
    • text - (optional) the text of the updated comment
    • date - (optional) the date of the updated comment
    • html - (optional) the HTML markup of the updated comment. Enable the html property of the editorShape config, to display the HTML markup instead of text
  • skipProvider - (optional) enables/disables preventing the request from being sent to the server

For handling the inner events you can use the Event Bus methods


// create Kanban
const board = new kanban.Kanban("#root", {
// subscribe on the "update-comment" event
board.api.on("update-comment", (obj) => {

Change log: The event was added in v1.4