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Methods overview

addCard()Adds a new card into Kanban
addColumn()Adds a new column into Kanban
addComment()Adds a new comment to the specified card by its ID
addLink()Adds a new link into Kanban
addRow()Adds a new row into Kanban
deleteCard()Removes the specified card from datastore of Kanban
deleteColumn()Removes the specified column from datastore of Kanban
deleteComment()Delete a card comment by its ID
deleteLink()Removes the specified link from datastore of Kanban
deleteRow()Removes the specified row from datastore of Kanban
destructor()Removes all HTML elements of Kanban, and detaches all related events
duplicateCard()Duplicates a card by the specified ID
getAreaCards()Gets an array with data objects of all cards of the specified column (and row)
getCard()Gets a data object of the card by the specified ID
getSelection()Gets an array with ID(s) of the selected card(s)
moveCard()Moves a card to the specified column (and row)
moveColumn()Moves a column to the new position
moveRow()Moves a row to the new position
parse()Parses data into Kanban
redo()Repeats the action that was reverted by the undo action
scroll()Scrolls Kanban to the specified element
selectCard()Selects a card by the specified ID
serialize()Serializes the Kanban data to JSON
setConfig()Sets new configuration parameters of Kanban
setEdit()Toggles an editor of Kanban
setLocale()Applies a new locale to Kanban
setSearch()Looks for cards by the specified parameters
setSort()Sorts cards by the specified parameters
undo()Reverts the last operation in Kanban
unselectCard()Unselects card(s) by its ID
updateCard()Updates the card data by its ID
updateColumn()Updates the column data by its ID
updateComment()Update a card comment by its ID
updateRow()Updates the row data by its ID