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Events overview

add-cardFires when adding a new card
add-columnFires when adding a new column
add-rowFires when adding a new row
delete-cardFires when removing a card
delete-columnFires when removing a column
delete-rowFires when removing a row
duplicate-cardFires when duplicating a card
move-cardFires when moving a card
move-columnFires when moving a column
move-rowFires when moving a row
scrollFires when scrolling to the specified elements
select-cardFires when selecting a card
set-editFires when toggling an editor
set-searchFires when searching for cards
set-sortFires when sorting cards
unselect-cardFires when unselecting a card
update-cardFires when updating card data
update-columnFires when updating column data
update-rowFires when updating row data