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Using Kanban, you can stylize columns, rows and cards appearance via the columnShape.css, rowShape.css and cardShape.css properties. These properties allow you styles columns, rows and cards conditionally.

You can also apply a custom css class to a separate column, row and card via the columns.css, rows.css and cards.css properties.

Besides, you can apply custom styles to any part of the Kanban interface to meet your project requirements. For this, the library provides a wide range of CSS variables. Note, that Kanban includes two types of variables:

  • CSS variables related to Kanban style
  • CSS variables related to the WX library style (controls, calendars etc)

Note, that WX library is used for inner processes only. It provides some small elements used in Kanban (controls, calendars etc)

Default style

.wx-material-theme {
/* WX library css variables */
--wx-field-width: 100%;
--wx-theme-name: material;
/* end of WX library css variables */

/* Kanban css variables*/
--wx-kanban-background: #f1f1f1;

/* column styles */
--wx-kanban-column-width: 300px;
--wx-kanban-column-height: 300px;

/* toolbar styles */
--wx-kanban-toolbar-height: 56px;
--wx-kanban-toolbar-align: center;
--wx-kanban-toolbar-justify: flex-start;
--wx-kanban-toolbar-control-hover: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.07);
--wx-kanban-toolbar-control-active: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.15);
--wx-kanban-toolbar-border: var(--wx-border);

/* card styles */
--wx-kanban-card-field-padding: 12px;
--wx-kanban-content-background: var(--wx-background);
--wx-kanban-card-border: var(--wx-border);
--wx-kanban-card-border-radius: 6px;
--wx-kanban-header-border-radius: var(--wx-kanban-card-border-radius);

/* row styles */
--wx-kanban-row-line: var(--wx-border);

/* user icon styles */
--wx-kanban-user-icon-size: 36px;

/* editor styles */
--wx-kanban-header-height: 64px;
--wx-kanban-editor-width: 569px;
--wx-kanban-editor-height: auto;
--wx-kanban-editor-x-padding: 20px;
--wx-kanban-editor-background: var(--wx-kanban-content-background);
--wx-kanban-editor-top-border: none;

/* column styles */
--wx-kanban-over-limit-color: var(--wx-color-danger);
--wx-kanban-collapsed-column-width: 44px;
--wx-kanban-z-index: 1;

/* progress control styles*/
--wx-progress-height: 4px;
--wx-kanban-progress-inactive-color: #dbdbdb;

/* menu styles */
--wx-kanban-menu-min-width: 100px;

/* box and shadow styles*/
--wx-kanban-shadow: none;
--wx-kanban-box-border: var(--wx-border);

/* collapsed column styles */
--wx-kanban-collapsed-padding: var(--wx-padding);
--wx-kanban-collapsed-margin: 0px;
--wx-kanban-collapsed-background: transparent;
--wx-kanban-collapsed-background-hover: #dfdfdf;

/* End of Kanban CSS variables*/

Next versions of Kanban can bring some changes for the variables and their names. Please, do not forget to check the names after updating to the newer versions and modify them in your code to avoid problems with display of the component.

Built-in themes

You can use the theme property to apply one of the following themes: material, willow and willow-dark.


Besides using the theme property, you can also apply the needed theme via adding the corresponding css classes to the widget containers:

  • Material theme
    <!-- Kanban toolbar -->
<div id="toolbar" class="wx-material-theme"></div>
<!-- Kanban container -->
<div id="root" class="wx-material-theme"></div>
  • Willow theme
    <!-- Kanban toolbar -->
<div id="toolbar" class="wx-willow-theme"></div>
<!-- Kanban container -->
<div id="root" class="wx-willow-theme"></div>
  • Willow-Dark theme
    <!-- Kanban toolbar -->
<div id="toolbar" class="wx-willow-dark-theme"></div>
<!-- Kanban container -->
<div id="root" class="wx-willow-dark-theme"></div>

or just include the needed theme on the page from the skins folder:

<link type="stylesheet" href="path/to/kanban/skins/willow-dark.css"/>

In this snippet you can see how to apply the willow-dark theme to Kanban

Scroll style

You can also apply a custom style to a scroll bar of Kanban. For this, you can use the .wx-styled-scroll CSS class. Before using it, check compatibility with the modern browsers here.

<!--container for Toolbar-->
<div id="toolbar"></div> //
<!--container for Kanban-->
<div id="root" class="wx-styled-scroll"></div>

Custom style

In this snippet you can see how to apply a custom style to Kanban


In this snippet you can see how to create adaptive version of Kanban using custom CSS styles

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