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Gets an object with the StateStore properties of Kanban


api.getState(): object;


The method returns an object with the following parameters:

areasMeta: object,
before: string | number,
cardHeight: number | null,
cards: array,
cardShape: object,
cardsMap: object,
cardsMeta: object,
columnKey: string,
columns: array,
columnShape: object,
currentUser: number | string | null,
dragItemId: string | number,
dragItemsCoords: array,
edit: object,
history: object,
layout: string,
links: array,
overAreaId: string | number,
readonly: object,
rowKey: string,
rows: array,
rowShape: object,
scroll: object,
search: object,
selected: array,
sort: object,
// deprecated options
fromAreaMeta: object, // deleted in v.1.2
editorShape: array, // deleted in v.1.4
dropAreaItemsCoords: array, // deprecated in v1.4
dropAreasCoords: array, // deprecated in v1.4
overAreaMeta: object, // deprecated in v1.4

### Example

~~~jsx {7-12}
// create Kanban
const board = new kanban.Kanban("#root", {
// get the State of Kanban
const state = board.api.getState();
console.log(; // output the cards data
console.log(state.columns); // output the columns data
console.log(state.rows); // output the rows data
console.log(state.cardShape); // output the card configuration

Change log: The method was updated in v1.4. The following parameters were deprecated:

  • dropAreaItemsCoords
  • dropAreasCoords
  • overAreaMeta The editorShape parameter was deleted