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Grid Integration

Pretty often, you may need to integrate grid with chart, i.e. show grid's data and their changes on chart.

And this article we'll devote to grid-chart integration.


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In short, the integration is implemented through the only code line:


In detail, to perform the integration you should make the following steps:

  1. Create dhtmlxChart object;
  2. Create dhtmlxGrid object;
  3. Load data to the grid;
  4. Load data from the grid to the chart;
  5. Additionally, implement chart refreshing when data in the grid is changed;
  6. And put everything into window.onload function to ensure that our code will be performed as soon as the page finishes loading.

Step 1. Create dhtmlxChart object

var myChart =  new dhtmlXChart({
    view:"bar",//sets chart's type. In our case it's vertical bar
    color:"#66ccff", //sets color of bars
    container:"chart_container",// an html container that will contain our chart
    // sets data that chart will present. #data0# refers to the first column of the grid
    label:"#data0#", // specifies chart labels
    width:30, // sets the width of bars
    origin:0, //represents positive and negative values
    yAxis:{  //sets vertical axis
        step: 500,
            return ""
        } //horizontal axis without labels

Step 2. Create dhtmlxGrid object

var mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('gridbox');// creates dhtmlxGrid instance
mygrid.setSkin("dhx_skyblue")// sets skin of our grid

Step 3. Load data to the grid.

// loads data to the grid from the external file gridData.xml

Step 4. Load data from the grid to the chart

myChart.parse(mygrid,"dhtmlxgrid")// loads grid's data to the chart

Step 5. Implement chart refreshing when data in the grid is changed

// the function is called every time data in the grid is changed
function refresh_chart(){ 
    myChart.clearAll();// clears chart dataset
    myChart.parse(mygrid,"dhtmlxgrid"); //loads new grid data to the chart
mygrid.attachEvent("onEditCell",function(stage){// fires after the editor is closed
    // specifies stage of editing. "2" means that event will fire when the editor closes
    if (stage == 2)
    refresh_chart();// calls the function defined before
    return true;

Step 6.Put everything into window.onload() function

//the function ensures that our code will be performed when the page's loading ends
window.onload = function(){ 
...//the code stated above
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