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dhtmlXPopup API

attachAccordion adds an accordion object to the popup
attachCalendar adds a calendar object to the popup
attachCarousel attaches a carousel object to the popup
attachColorPicker adds a color picker object to the popup
attachEditor adds an editor object to the popup
attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
attachForm adds a form object to the popup
attachGrid adds a grid object to the popup
attachHTML adds the HTML markup to the popup
attachLayout adds a layout object to the popup
attachList adds a list-like structure to the popup
attachObject adds a DOM element to the popup
attachSidebar attaches dhtmlxSidebar to a popup
attachTabbar adds a tabbar object to the popup
attachTree adds a tree object to the popup
attachTreeView adds a treeview object to the popup
attachVault adds an accordion object to the popup
clear clears attached content (object / list / html / dhtmlx component)
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
getItemData returns items of the list attached through the attachList method
hide hides the popup
isVisible returns true if popup visible
setDimension sets the dimensions of the popup, when a component is attached to it
setSkin sets the skin to apply
show shows the popup
unload destructor
onBeforeHide fires before a popup is hidden, cancelable
onClick fires when the user clicks on an item of the list attached to the popup
onContentClick fires when the user clicks on the popup content
onHide fires when the popup is being hidden
onShow fires when the popup window is being shown
separator popup property to specify separator for attach list
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