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adds an accordion object to the popup

dhtmlXVaultObject attachVault(number width,number height,object conf);
widthnumbervault width
heightnumbervault height
confobjectvault config for object-API initialization
dhtmlXVaultObjectdhtmlXVault instance


var myPop = new dhtmlXPopup(...);
var myVault = myPop.attachVault(350, 300, {
    uploadUrl:  "http://my_mega_server/upload_handler.php",
    swfUrl:     "http://my_mega_server/upload_handler.php",
    slUrl:      "http://my_mega_server/upload_handler.php",
    swfPath:    "dhxvault.swf",
    slXap:      "dhxvault.xap"


if separate component files are used - dhtmlxvault.js should be included after dhtmlxpopup.js

Change log

added in 3.6.1

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