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Managing Popup's Visibility

To manage visibility of a pop-up window you have 3 methods:

  • show - shows a dhtmlxPopup object
  • hide - hides a dhtmlxPopup object
  • isVisible - checks whether the pop-up window is currently hidden or shown. Returns true if the pop-up is visible

Let's consider an example that uses these methods - attaching dhtmlxPopup to a custom object when you need to manually regulate showing/hiding of the pop-up window:

<input type="text" onclick="showPopup(this);" onblur="hidePopup();" value="click">
function showPopup(inp) {
    if (!myPop) {
        myPop = new dhtmlXPopup();
        myPop.attachHTML("You can enter some text into here");
    if (myPop.isVisible()) {
    } else {
        var x = window.dhx4.absLeft(inp); // returns left position related to window
        var y = window.dhx4.absTop(inp); // returns top position related to window
        var w = inp.offsetWidth;
        var h = inp.offsetHeight;,y,w,h);
function hidePopup() {
    if (myPop) myPop.hide();
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