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Docking/Undocking Cells

Each cell of the layout can be docked or undocked.

If the last visible cell in a row/column becomes collapsed, and there is at least one undocked item in the layout, one of the undocked items will be docked and expanded.

What do the "docked/undocked" states mean?

All cells in the layout are docked by default.

The undocked cells are those cells which were taken out of the layout and displayed in a separate window. Note, to undock a cell you need to have dhtmlxWindows's source files included on the page.

Docked cell

Undocked cell

To undock a cell, use the undock method:


To dock a cell back, use the dock method:


When a cell is undocked you can operate with the window, for this purpose use:


The window's id is the same as the cell's id.

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