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attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
attachObj attaches a calendar to an input field
clearInsensitiveDays enables the dates disabled by the setInsensitiveDays method
clearSensitiveRange enables the dates disabled by the setInsensitiveRange/setSensitiveRange
clearTooltip removes the tooltip set by the setTooltip() method
close hides calendar
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
detachObj detaches the calendar from an input field
disableDays disables certain dates of each week, month or year
draw renders calendar
enableDays enables the dates disabled by the disableDays method
enableIframe enables iframe background for calendar
getCellDimension returns dimension of the specified date cell
getDate returns the currently selected date
getFormatedDate returns formatted date as a string
getPopup returns dhtmlXPopup instance which was initialized for tooltips
getWeekNumber returns the week number of the specified date
hide hides a calendar
hideTime hides the time panel
hideToday hides the Today and Clear buttons
hideWeekNumbers hides a column with weeks numbers at the left side of the calendar
isVisible returns true if calendar currenmly visible
loadUserLanguage sets a new language interface for the calendar
setDate makes the specified date selected
setDateFormat sets the date format
setFormatedDate sets date using specified date format
setHolidays set dates as holidays
setInsensitiveDays disables specified dates in the calendar
setInsensitiveRange sets a range of inactive dates in the calendar
setMinutesInterval sets a minutes interval in the time selector
setParent sets a parent container for the calendar
setPosition sets a calendar's position when it's attached to input
setSensitiveRange sets a range of active dates in the calendar
setSkin sets a skin for a calendar
setTooltip sets a tooltip for the specified dates
setWeekStartDay sets the starting day of weeks
setYearsRange change years range in selector
show shows a calendar
showMonth makes the specified month/year as currently visible in the calendar
showTime shows the time panel
showToday shows the Today and Clear buttons
showWeekNumbers adds a column with weeks numbers to the left side of the calendar
unload destructor, unloads the calendar
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