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sets a tooltip for the specified dates

void setTooltip(Date|string|array date,string text,boolean showIcon,boolean usePopup);
dateDate|string|arraydates you want to set the tooltip for
textstringtooltip text
showIconbooleantrue to show an icon in the top-right corner of the cell
usePopupbooleantrue to use dhtmlXPopup


// single date
myCalendar.setTooltip(new Date(2013,01,04), "some text");
// or
myCalendar.setTooltip("2011-06-01", "some text");
// sets several days
myCalendar.setTooltip(["2011-06-01", "2011-06-02"], "some text");
// or
myCalendar.setTooltip([new Date(2011,5,1), new Date(2011,5,2)], "some text");
// with icon
myCalendar.setTooltip("2011-06-01", "some text", true);
// use popup
myCalendar.setTooltip("2011-06-01", "some text", true, true);

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