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sets a new language interface for the calendar

void loadUserLanguage(string lang);
langstringthe name of a language


// add once, make sure dhtmlxcalendar.js is loaded
dhtmlXCalendarObject.prototype.langData["de"] = {
    // date format for inputs
    dateformat: "%d.%m.%Y",
    // header format
    hdrformat: "%F %Y",
    // full names of months
    monthesFNames: [
    // short names of months
    monthesSNames: [
    // full names of days
    daysFNames: [
    // short names of days
    daysSNames: [
    // starting day of a week. Number from 1(Monday) to 7(Sunday)
    weekstart: 1, 
    // the title of the week number column
    weekname: "w",
    // name of the "Today" button
    today: "Heute",
    // name of the "Clear" button
    clear: "Reinigen"
// init calendar
var myCalendar = new dhtmlXCalendarObject("input");


To apply language settings once for all calendar instances, use (before init):

// make sure dhtmlxcalendar.js is loaded
dhtmlXCalendarObject.prototype.lang = "de";
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