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SpreadSheetCell class

The class provides API for managing a singular cell object.

  • constructor
  • calculate - forces recalculation of the cell value
  • exists - checks whether the cell is stored in the DB
  • getAlign - gets the alignment set in the cell
  • getBgColor - gets the background color set in the cell
  • getCalculatedValue - returns the calculated value of the cell
  • getColIndex - gets the column index for the specified column name
  • getColName - gets the name of the column for the specified index
  • getColor - gets the text color set in the cell
  • getCoords - gets the cell coordinates in the specified format
  • getStyle - gets the style set for the cell
  • getValidator - gets the validator assigned to the cell
  • getValue - gets the cell value
  • isBold - checks whether the bold font is set for the cell
  • isIncorrect - checks whether the specified cell is set correctly
  • isItalic - checks whether the italic font is set for the cell
  • isLocked - checks whether the cell is locked
  • lock - locks the cell
  • parseStyle - converts a string of the style attributes into an array
  • serializeStyle - converts an array of the style attributes into a string
  • setAlign - sets the alignment for the cell
  • setBgColor - sets the background color for the cell
  • setBold - sets the bold font for the cell
  • setColor - sets the text color for the cell
  • setItalic - sets the italic font for the cell
  • setLocked - locks/unlocks the cell
  • setStyle - sets the style for the cell
  • setValidator - assigns a validator to the cell
  • setValue - sets the value for the cell
  • unlock - unlocks the cell
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