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This documentation is dedicated to the renewed DHTMLX Spreadsheet of version 3.0 and upper. To get information about the previous version 2.1, follow the related documentation.

DHTMLX Spreadsheet provides a range of great features to build a perfect application that include: support for import/export of data in different formats, handy work with content and style of data, adaptable structure of a spreadsheet, readonly mode, wide possibilities for look and feel customization, integration with famous frameworks, etc.

Developer guides

Creating Spreadsheet

Discusses the main stages of installing and creating Spreadsheet on a page, adjusting its configuration and setting labels in the needed language.

Exploring Spreadsheet features

Shows the ways of loading data into Spreadsheet, handling events and using main functionality. It also dwells on the ways of customizing the main parts of Spreadsheet.

Integrations with other frameworks

Describes how to add DHTMLX Spreadsheet into apps based on other JavaScript frameworks.

User guides

The User guides are provided to make work with Spreadsheet easy for your end users.