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Date Formatting

You can use the default date format of calendar or set your own one.
The default date format in dhtmlxCalendar is '%Y-%m-%d'.

  • A custom date format for the whole Calendar can be set with the help of the "setDateFormat" method (see details):
  • To get date as string in the specified format you should use the "getFormatedDate()" method (see details):
    //will return the date selected in calendar
    //will return any date defined in 2nd param
    myCalendar.getFormatedDate("%d.%m.%Y", new Date());

While specifying the format for dates you can use any character from the following list:

%d day as a number with leading zero, 01..31
%j day as a number, 1..31
%D short name of the day, Su Mo Tu...
%l full name of the day, Sunday Monday Tuesday...
%m month as a number with leading zero, 01..12
%n month as a number, 1..12
%M short name of the month, Jan Feb Mar...
%F full name of the month, January February March...
%y year as a number, 2 digits
%Y year as a number, 4 digits
%h hours 12-format with leading zero, 01..12)
%g hours 12-format, 1..12)
%H hours 24-format with leading zero, 01..24
%G hours 24-format, 1..24
%i minutes with leading zero, 01..59
%s seconds with leading zero, 01..59
%a am or pm
%A AM or PM
%% escape for %
%u milliseconds
%P timezone offset
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