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addRow adds a row to the grid
addRowAfter adds a new row to treeGrid, after some other row
addRowBefore adds new row to treeGrid, before some other row
addRowFromClipboard allows the user to add a new row from clipboard
adjustColumnSize adjusts a column's size to make all content visible
attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
attachFooter attaches an additional line to the footer
attachHeader attaches an additional line to the header
attachToObject attaches Grid to some object in DOM
cellById gets dhtmlXGridCellObject object
cellByIndex gets dhtmlXGridCellObject object
cellToClipboard copies the value of a cell to the clipboard
cells gets dhtmlXGridCellObject object
cells2 gets dhtmlXGridCellObject object
changePage changes the current page in grid
changePageRelative changes the current page in grid
changeRowId changes id of the row to the new one
checkAll checks all checkboxes in the grid
clearAll deletes all rows in the grid
clearAndLoad clears the existing grid state and loads data from an external file ( xml, json, jsarray, csv )
clearChangedState clears wasChanged state for all cells in grid (and wasAdded state as well, if called with a parameter)
clearConfigCookie clears cookie with grid config details
clearSelection removes selection from the grid
closeItem collapses row
collapseAll collapses all tree structure
collapseAllGroups collapses all groups
collapseColumns collapses a group of columns
collapseGroup collapses a group of rows
collectTreeValues gets all possible values in a column
collectValues gets all possible values of a column
copyBlockToClipboard copies the content of a block selection into clipboard in CSV format (delimiter as set for CSV serialization)
copyRowContent copies a row's content to another existing row
deleteChildItems deletes all childs of the row in question
deleteColumn deletes a column
deleteRow deletes a row from the grid
deleteSelectedRows deletes selected row(s)
destructor destructor, removes the grid and cleans used memory
detachEvent removes an event handler
detachFooter removes a footer line from the grid (opposite to attachFooter)
detachHeader removes a header line from the grid (opposite to attachHeader)
disableCell disables the specified cell
disableUndoRedo disables the Undo/Redo functionality in the grid
doRedo executes the redo operation
doUndo executes the undo operation
doesRowExist determines if a row with the specified id exists
editCell creates an Editor object and switches the selected cell to the edit mode, if allowed
editStop returns the value from the editor(if presents) to the cell and closes the editor
enableAccessKeyMap enables Access keyboard navigation
enableAlterCss sets css styles for even/odd rows
enableAutoHeight enables autoheight of the grid
enableAutoHiddenColumnsSaving enables automatic saving of a column's state ( hidden/shown )
enableAutoSaving enables automatic saving of size, sorting order and columns order
enableAutoSizeSaving enables automatic size saving to cookie
enableAutoWidth changes the size of grid's container on the fly to fit total width of grid's columns
enableBlockSelection enables block selection mode in grid
enableCSVAutoID enables the mode in which IDs for the rows loaded from CSV are autogenerated
enableCSVHeader enables recognizing the first row in CSV as the header
enableCellIds enables/disables unique ids for cells (id will be automatically created by the template: 'c_[RowId]_[colIndex]')
enableColSpan enables/disables colspan support
enableColumnAutoSize adjusts column size to make all content visible on the header doublclick
enableColumnMove enables the move column functionality
enableContextMenu enables/disables context menu
enableDistributedParsing enables/disables distributed parsing (rows are parsed portion by portion with some timeout)
enableDragAndDrop enables/disables drag-and-drop
enableDragOrder switches to the mode in which dragged items drop in the target location in the same order as they were in the source grid
enableEditEvents enables/disables events which invoke excell editing
enableEditTabOnly enables/disables the mode when readonly cell is not available with tab
enableExcelKeyMap enables Excel keyboard navigation
enableHeaderImages specifies if the values passed to Header are images' file names
enableHeaderMenu enables a popup menu which allows hidding/showing columns
enableKeyboardSupport enables/disables hot keys in grid
enableLightMouseNavigation enables/disables light mouse navigation mode (row selection with mouse over, editing with single click)
enableMarkedCells sets the marked cells support to enabled/disabled state
enableMathEditing enables/disables editing of math cells
enableMathSerialization enables/disables serialization of math formulas
enableMercyDrag enables drag without removing (copy instead of move)
enableMultiline sets the multiline rows support to enabled/disabled state
enableMultiselect sets multiselect mode to enabled or disabled state
enableOrderSaving enables automatic column order saving to cookie
enablePaging enables smart paging mode
enablePreRendering enables pre-rendering rows during scrolling.
enableResizing enables/disables resizing for specified colums
enableRowsHover enables/disables hovering on a row on mouse over
enableRowspan enables rowspan in treegrid
enableSmartRendering enables smart rendering mode
enableSmartXMLParsing enables smart xml parsing mode
enableSortingSaving enables automatic saving of the sorting state to cookie
enableStableSorting enables stable sorting algorithm
enableTooltips enables/disables tooltips for specified colums
enableTreeCellEdit enables/disables editor of tree cell; enabled by default
enableTreeGridLines enables lines in TreeGrid
enableUndoRedo enables the Undo/Redo functionality in grid
enableValidation enable validation in the grid
expandAll expands all tree structure
expandAllGroups expands all groups
expandColumns expands a group of columns
expandGroup expands a group of rows
filterBy filters Grid by mask
filterByAll forces Grid filtering by registered inputs (created by # starting shortcuts, or by the makeFilter function)
filterTreeBy filters treegrid by mask
findCell finds cell in the grid by its value
forEachCell executes the code for each cell in a row
forEachRow executes code for each row in the grid
forEachRowInGroup iterates through all rows in some group
forceFullLoading loads all data in the grid, which is in dyn. srnd or dyn. paging mode
forceLabelSelection affects block selection, so it will copy/paste only the visible text, not the values behind
getAllRowIds gets the list of all row ids in the grid
getAllSubItems gets the list of ids of all nested rows
getCellExcellType returns the excell type of the cell in question
getChangedRows gets the list of IDs of the changed rows
getCheckedRows gets the list of ids of all the rows with checked exCell in the specified column
getChildItemIdByIndex gets the id of a child item in the specified position
getColIndexById gets column index by column id
getColLabel gets the label of the column specified by index
getColType gets column type by column index
getColTypeById gets the column type by its ID
getColWidth gets the width of the specified column in pixels
getColumnCombo returns dhtmlXCombo column object
getColumnId gets the id of the column specified by index
getColumnLabel gets the label of the column specified by index
getColumnsNum returns the number of columns in the grid (including [hidden columns](setColumnHidden))
getCombo gets Combo object of the specified column
getCustomCombo gets the combobox specific for the cell in question
getFilterElement returns the input object of the filter linked to the column in question by index
getFilterElementById returns the input object of the filter linked to the column in question by id
getFooterLabel gets the label of the footer specified by index
getHeaderMenu returns dhtmlXMenu object of the grid header menu
getItemIcon returns the font awesome icon of an item
getItemImage gets the image of the tree col
getItemText gets real caption of tree col
getLevel returns the level of a TreeGrid row
getMarked returns an array of marked cells (pairs of row id and column index)
getOpenState returns open/close state of the row
getParentId returns id of the parent row
getRedo gets length of available ReDo operations
getRowAttribute returns the row attribute's value which was set in the XML tag
getRowData returns the row data
getRowId gets the row id by the row index
getRowIndex gets the row index by the row id (grid only)
getRowsNum returns the number of rows in the grid (in case of dynamic mode it will return an expected number of rows)
getSelectedBlock returns the attributes of the current block selection
getSelectedCellIndex returns the index of the selected cell or -1, if there is no selected cell
getSelectedRowId returns the id of the selected row (a list of ids with default delimiter) or null, if there are no selected rows
getSortingState gets the sorting state of the grid
getStateOfView returns details about current grid state
getSubItems returns a list of child rows ids, separated by comma
getUndo gets length of available UnDo operations
getUserData gets user data
gridFromClipboard initializes grid from CSV stored in the clipboard
gridToClipboard copies grid in CSV to the clipboard
gridToGrid redefine this method in your code to specify how grid row values should be used in another grid
gridToTreeElement redefine this method in your code to define how grid row values should be used in tree
groupBy groups grid content by values of the specified column
groupStat returns the result of aggregation for a column
hasChildren returns the number of the row's children
init initializes grid
insertColumn adds a new column to the grid
isColumnHidden gets the shown/hidden status of the column
load loads data from an external file ( xml, json, jsarray, csv )
loadHiddenColumnsFromCookie loads the sorting order from cookie
loadOpenStates loads open state of TreeGrid into cookie
loadOrderFromCookie loads sorting order from cookie
loadSizeFromCookie loads grid layout from cookie
loadSortingFromCookie loads sorting order from cookie
lockRow locks/unlocks a row for editing
makeFilter makes a filter from any input element (text filter), select (dropdown) or DIV (combobox based on dhtmlxCombo)
makeSearch makes a search box (sets selection on the row with the found value) from any input
mark marks/unmarks the specified cell
moveColumn moves the column of the specified index to a new position
moveRow moves a row
moveRowDown moves a row one position down, if possible
moveRowTo moves a row
moveRowUp moves a row one position up, if possible
openItem expands the specified row
parse loads data from a local data source (XML string, CSV string, XML island, XML object, JSON object, javascript array)
pasteBlockFromClipboard pastes the content of the clipboard into a block selection of the grid
post allows sending POST requests by loading data from external file ( xml, json, jsarray, csv )
preventIECaching prevents caching in IE by adding random values to URL string
printView generates the print friendly view
refreshComboColumn updates the cells of the combo column
refreshFilters refreshes the lists of values in all the filters created by shortcuts or by makeFilter calls
refreshMath restores math after column moving
registerCList registers an array of options for a multiselect column ("clist") of the grid
resetColumnsOrder resets the default order of grid columns after swapping
rowToClipboard copies the value of a row to the clipboard
rowToDragElement redefine this method in your code to specify how grid row values should be displayed during the dragging
saveHiddenColumnsToCookie saves hidden columns to cookie
saveOpenStates stores open state of TreeGrid in cookie
saveOrderToCookie saves the columns' order to cookie
saveSizeToCookie saves grid layout to cookie
saveSortingToCookie saves the sorting order to cookie
selectAll selects all rows in the grid, doesn't trigger any events
selectBlock selects a block in the Grid, according to the specified rows' ids and columns' indexes
selectCell sets selection to the specified row-cell
selectRow selects a row (and its first cell)
selectRowById selects row by ID
serialize gets actual xml of the grid
serializeToCSV serializes to CSV string
setActive sets the grid active to make key navigation possible
setAwaitedRowHeight applies a custom height of a row which will be used in the smart rendering mode for row calculation
setCSVDelimiter changes csv delimiter
setCellExcellType sets an excell type for the cell in question
setCellTextStyle sets a style for a cell
setCheckedRows sets a value for all checkboxes in the specified column
setColAlign aligns values in columns
setColLabel sets a new label for the column header
setColSorting sets the types of column sort
setColTypes sets column types
setColVAlign sets vertical align for columns
setColValidators assigns validators to the related column
setColWidth sets the width for the specified column in pixels (doesn't work with the percentage based grid)
setColspan dynamically sets colspan in a row starting from the specified column index
setColumnColor colors the background of columns
setColumnExcellType sets an excell type for all the cells in the specified column
setColumnHidden hides/shows a column
setColumnId sets id for the specified column
setColumnIds sets id for every column
setColumnLabel sets a new column header label
setColumnMinWidth sets the minimum column width (works only for manual resizing)
setColumnsVisibility sets the list of visible/hidden columns
setCustomSorting sets a custom sorting
setDateFormat sets a mask for date formatting in the grid (works for "dhxCalendar" and "dhxCalendarA" types only)
setDelimiter sets a delimiter character used in list values (default is ",")
setDragBehavior sets Drag-And-Drop behavior
setEditable manages the editability of the grid
setExternalTabOrder sets elements which get focus when the Tab button is pressed in the last or in the first (Tab+Shift) cell
setFieldName allows defining an input's name which will be used for data sending,
setFiltrationLevel allows to define which level of tree must be used for filtering
setFooterLabel sets a new label for a cell in the footer
setHeader sets the header label and default params for new headers
setIconsPath sets the path to external images used in the grid (tree and img column type)
setIconset sets the font awesome iconset
setImageSize sets size of treegrid images
setImagesPath defines the path to the imgs folder
setInitWidths sets the width of columns in pixels
setInitWidthsP sets the width of columns in percents
setItemCloseable enables/disables closing of row
setItemIcon sets a Font Awesome icon for an item
setItemImage sets image of tree col
setItemText sets real caption of tree col
setMathRound enables/disables rounding during the math calculations
setNoHeader creates a grid without header
setNumberFormat sets a mask for formatting numeric data (works for **"edn"**, **"ron"** excell only)
setOnOpenEndHandler sets function called after tree node opened/closed
setOnOpenStartHandler sets function called before tree node opened/closed
setPagingSkin allows setting a custom paging skin
setPagingTemplates allows setting paging templates for the default skin
setPagingWTMode configures the paging with toolbar mode
setRowAttribute sets a row attribute
setRowColor sets the background color of a row (via the bgcolor attribute)
setRowData sets new data for row's columns
setRowExcellType sets an excell type for all cells in the specified row
setRowHidden hides/shows a row
setRowId sets a new id for a row by its index
setRowTextBold sets the text of a row BOLD
setRowTextNormal sets the text weight of a row to normal
setRowTextStyle sets the style of a row
setRowspan sets rowspan of the specified length starting from the specified cell
setSerializableColumns specifies which column must be serialized (if you don't use this method, all columns will be serialized)
setSerializationLevel configures XML serialization
setSizes resets sizes of the grid's elements
setSkin sets one of the predefined skins ("material" (default),"skyblue","web","terrace")
setSortImgState sets the position and visibility of a sort arrow
setStyle modifies the default style of the grid and its elements
setSubGrid attaches a grid-like editor to a grid's column
setSubTree attaches a tree-like editor to a grid's column
setTabOrder sets the tab order of columns
setUserData sets user data for a row
showRow scrolls a grid to make the specified row visible
sortRows sorts the Grid by the specified column
sortTreeRows sorts TreeGrid by the specified column
splitAt splits the grid
startFastOperations starts the fast operation mode
stopFastOperations turns off the fast operation mode, needs to be executed to normalize the view
submitAddedRows includes additional data with the info about which rows were added and which ones deleted, enabled by default
submitColumns sets the list of columns the data of which will be updated
submitOnlyChanged includes only the changed rows into the form submit
submitOnlyRowID includes only rows' IDS into the form submit
submitOnlySelected includes only the selected rows into the form submit
submitSerialization includes a serialized grid as a part of the form submit
toExcel exports data from dhtmxlGrid to an Excel document
toPDF exports data from dhtmxlGrid to a PDF document
treeToGridElement redefine this method in your code to specify how tree node values should be used in the grid
uid returns the unique ID
unGroup ungroups the grid to return it into the plain view
uncheckAll unchecks all checkboxes of the grid
unmarkAll removes selection from all the marked cells
unselectRowById unselects row by ID
updateCellFromClipboard sets the value of a cell from the clipboard
updateFromXML refreshes grid from XML (doesn't work for buffering, tree grid or rows in smart rendering mode)
updateGroups forces grid grouping by registered parameters
updateRowFromClipboard sets the value of a row from the clipboard
validateCell forces validation of a specific cell
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