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adds a new column to the grid

void insertColumn(number ind,string header,string type,number width,string sort,string align,string valign,any reserved,string columnColor);
indnumberindex of the column
headerstringheader content of column (optional, blank by default)
typestringthe type of the column (optional, 'ed' by default)
widthnumberthe width of the column (optional, '100' by default)
sortstringthe sort type of the column (optional, 'na' by default)
alignstringthe align of the column (optional, 'left' by default)
valignstringvertical align of column (optional)
reservedanynot used for now
columnColorstringbackground color of the column (optional)

Available only in PRO Edition


//minimal parameters set
//maximal parameters set
myTreeGrid.insertColumn(11,'Some text','ed',120,'na','left','top',null,'red');


The method can be used after grid is initialized. At least one column should be in the grid

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