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addButton adds a button to the toolbar
addButtonSelect adds a select button to the toolbar
addButtonTwoState adds a two-state button to the toolbar
addInput adds an input item to the toolbar
addListOption adds a listed option to a select button
addSeparator adds a separator to the toolbar
addSlider adds a slider to the toolbar
addSpacer moves all items to the right side of the specified one
addText adds a text item to the toolbar
attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
clearAll removes all items from the toolbar
clearItemImage removes an image of an item in the enabled state
clearItemImageDis removes the image of an item in the disabled state
clearListOptionImage removes an image (if exists) of a listed option
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
disableItem disables the specified item
disableListOption disables a listed option
enableItem enables the specified item
enableListOption enables a listed option
forEachItem iterator, calls a user-defined handler for each item
forEachListOption calls a user-defined handler for each listed option of a parentId
getAllListOptions returns an array with ids of all the listed options of a parentId
getInput returns an item's object (input only)
getItemState returns the current state of a two-state button
getItemText returns the current text of an item
getItemToolTip returns the current item's tooltip
getItemToolTipTemplate returns the current tooltip template of a slider
getListOptionImage returns the image of a listed option
getListOptionPosition returns the position of a listed option
getListOptionSelected returns the selected listed option
getListOptionText returns the text of a listed option
getListOptionToolTip returns the tooltip of a listed option
getListOptionUserData returns the userdata of a listed option
getMaxValue returns current maximal value and the label of a slider
getMinValue returns the current minimal value and the label of a slider
getParentId returns the parent id of a listed option
getPosition returns the current position of an item
getType returns item type by item id
getTypeExt returns the extended item type by the item id (button select node)
getUserData returns userdata of an item
getValue returns the current value of a slider or an input item
getWidth returns the current width of an input item
hideItem hides the specified item
hideListOption hides a listed option
isEnabled returns "true" if an item is enabled
isListOptionEnabled checks whether a listed option is enabled
isListOptionVisible checks whether a listed option is visible
isVisible returns "true" if an item is visible
loadStruct loads data to the component via XML or JSON, usually component config
loadXML loads toolbar data from an XML file and calls the onLoadFunction when the loading is done
loadXMLString loads menu data from an XML string and calls onLoadFunction when loading is done
removeItem completely removes an item from the toolbar
removeListOption completely removes a listed option from a select button
removeSpacer removes the free space between the specified item and the items on its right side
setAlign moves the toolbar items to the left/right side
setIconPath defines the url to the folder where the user-defined icons are located
setIconSize sets the size of icons in the toolbar (applied to all items at once)
setIconsPath sets the path to the folder with the user-defined images
setIconset sets the font awesome iconset
setItemImage sets an image for an item in the enabled state
setItemImageDis sets an image for an item in the disabled state
setItemState sets the pressed/released state for a two-state button
setItemText sets a new text for an item
setItemToolTip sets a tooltip for an item
setItemToolTipTemplate sets a tooltip template for a slider
setListOptionImage sets an image for a listed option
setListOptionPosition sets the position of a listed option (moves a listed option)
setListOptionSelected sets a listed option selected
setListOptionText sets a text for a listed option
setListOptionToolTip sets a tooltip for a listed option
setListOptionUserData sets userdata for a listed option
setMaxOpen defines the maximal number of listed options shown for a select button
setMaxValue sets the maximal value and a label for a slider
setMinValue sets the minimal value and a label for a slider
setPosition sets a new position for an item (moves an item to the desired position)
setSkin sets a skin on the fly
setUserData sets userdata for an item
setValue sets a value for a slider or an input item
setWidth sets a width for a text/input/buttonSelect item
showItem shows the specified item
showListOption shows a listed option
unload destructor, completely unloads the toolbar
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