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adds a slider to the toolbar

void addSlider(string|number id,number pos,number len,number valueMin,number valueMax,number valueNow,string textMin,string textMax,string tip);
idstring|numberid of a slider
posnumberposition of a slider
lennumberlength (width) of a slider (px)
valueMinnumberminimal available value of a slider
valueMaxnumbermaximal available value of a slider
valueNownumberinitial current value of a slider
textMinstringlabel for the minimal value side (on the left side)
textMaxstringlabel for the maximal value side (on the right side)
tipstringtooltip template (%v will be replaced by the current value)


myToolbar.addSlider(id, pos, len, valueMin, valueMax, valueNow, textMin, textMax, tip);

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