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dhtmlXSideBarCell API

appendObject attaches an object to a cell without clearing cell content
attachAccordion attaches dhtmlxAccordion to a cell
attachCarousel attaches a carousel object to a cell
attachChart attaches dhtmlxChart to a cell
attachDataView attaches dhtmlxDataView to a cell
attachEditor attaches dhtmlxEditor to a cell
attachEvent adds any user-defined handler to available events
attachForm attaches dhtmlxForm to a cell
attachGrid attaches dhtmlxGrid to a cell
attachHTMLString attaches HTML content to a cell
attachLayout attaches dhtmlxLayout to a cell
attachList attaches dhtmlxList to a cell
attachMap attaches Google Maps to a cell
attachMenu attaches dhtmlxMenu to a cell
attachObject attaches an HTML object to a cell
attachRibbon attaches dhtmlxRibbon to a cell
attachScheduler attaches dhtmlxScheduler to a cell
attachSidebar attaches dhtmlxSidebar to a cell
attachStatusBar attaches a status bar to a cell
attachTabbar attaches dhtmlxTabbar to a cell
attachToolbar attaches dhtmlxToolbar to a cell
attachTree attaches dhtmlxTree to a cell
attachTreeView attaches dhtmlxTreeView to a cell
attachURL attaches the specified URL to a cell
attachVault attaches dhtmlxVault to a cell
clearBubble removes a bubble
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event
detachMenu detaches dhtmlxMenu from a cell
detachObject detaches any attached content from a cell
detachRibbon detaches dhtmlxRibbon from a cell
detachStatusBar detaches status bar from a cell
detachToolbar detaches dhtmlxToolbar from a cell
getAttachedMenu returns dhtmlxMenu instance attached to a cell
getAttachedObject returns the object attached to a cell
getAttachedRibbon returns dhtmlxRibbon instance attached to a cell
getAttachedStatusBar returns status bar object attached to a cell
getAttachedToolbar returns dhtmlxToolbar instance attached to a cell
getBubble returns the content of a bubble
getFrame returns an iframe object when an URL is attached to a cell
getHeaderText returns the header text of a particular item
getId returns the id of a cell
getText returns the text of an item
getViewName returns the name of the current view
hide hides the specified item
hideHeader hides cell's header
hideMenu hides dhtmlxMenu attached to a cell
hideRibbon hides dhtmlxRibbon attached to a cell
hideStatusBar hides status bar object attached to a cell
hideToolbar hides dhtmlxToolbar attached to a cell
isActive returns the item's active/inactive state
isHeaderVisible checks if the cell's header is visible
isVisible returns the item's visible/hidden state
progressOff hides the progress indicator in a cell
progressOn shows the progress indicator in a cell
reloadURL reloads the attached URL in a cell
remove removes the specified item
setActive selects the specified item
setBubble sets a bubble
setHeaderText sets a header text for an item
setText sets the text of an item
show shows the specified item
showHeader shows cell's header
showInnerScroll shows inner cell scrolls
showMenu shows dhtmlxMenu attached to a cell
showRibbon shows dhtmlxRibbon attached to a cell
showStatusBar shows status bar object attached to a cell
showToolbar shows dhtmlxToolbar attached to a cell
showView shows the specified view, creates a new one if it doesn't exist
unloadView unloads the specified view
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