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attaches dhtmlxTabbar to a cell

object attachTabbar( [object conf] );
confobjectoptional, tabbar config for API-initialization
objectdhtmlXTabbar instance


var myTabbar = dhxComponent.cells(id).attachTabbar({
    align: "right",
    mode: "bottom",
    tabs: [
        {id: "a1", text: "Tab 1", active: true},
        {id: "a2", text: "Tab 2"}


The old parameter used for tabbar initialization - "mode" is deprecated since version 4.0 and is replaced with "conf".

To set the tabs mode, use conf.mode:

// old deprecated
var myTabbar = dhxComponent.cells(id).attachTabbar("bottom");
// new usage
var myTabbar = dhxComponent.cells(id).attachTabbar({mode:"bottom"});
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