Check documentation for the latest version of dhtmlxSuite attachGrid DHTMLX Docs


attaches dhtmlxGrid to a cell

dhtmlXGridObject attachGrid( [object config] );
configobjectoptional, an object with the Grid configuration
dhtmlXGridObjectdhtmlXGridObject instance


// without parameters
var myGrid = dhxComponent.cells(id).attachGrid();
// passing a config object as a parameter
grid1 = myLayout.cells("a").attachGrid({
    columns: [{
        label: "Column A",
        width: 100,
        type: "ro",
        sort: "int",
        align: "right"
        label: "Column B",
        width: 250,
        type: "ed",
        sort: "str",
        align: "left"
    multiselect: true,
    xml: "grid.xml"

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