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sets selection to the specified row-cell

void selectCell(number|HTMLElement row,number cInd,boolean preserve,boolean edit,boolean show);
rownumber|HTMLElementrow index or row object
cIndnumbercell index
preservebooleanpreserve previously selected rows, true/false (optional, false by default). Multiselect mode should be enabled
editbooleanswitch selected cell to the edit mode (optional, false by default)
showbooleantrue|false - scroll row to view (optional, true by default)


//select the second cell of the first row 
//select the second cell of the first row, call "onRowSelect" event, 
//preserve previously selected rows
//select the second cell of the 11th row, switch cell to the edit mode
<button onclick="myfunc()">select cell</button>
    function myfunc(){

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