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finds cell in the grid by its value

void findCell(string value,number c_ind,boolean first,boolean compare);


valuestringsearch string
c_indnumberindex of the column to search in (optional, if not specified, search everywhere)
firstbooleanfind only the first occurence (optional, false by default)
comparebooleanfind only exact matches of the entered value, false by default

Available only in PRO Edition


//search for "alf" value in all grid cells
var searchResult = myGrid.findCell("alf");
//search for "alf" value in the second column, find only the first occurence
var searchResult = myGrid.findCell("alf",1,true);
//search for "alf" value in the second column, find only exact matches
var searchResult = myGrid.findCell("alf",1,false,true);

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