What's New

Version 4.1

released on November 3, 2021

New functionality

Version 4.0

released on October 7, 2020

New functionality


  • Fix the ability to drag-and-drop files on touch devices

Version 3.0

released on September 19, 2018

Breaking change

API of the version 3.0 is not compatible with API v2.5.

Check the Migration article to get the details on how you can replace the previous API version with the new one. If you feel like keep using the previous version for a while, the documentation for dhtmlxVault 2.5 is still available.

New functionality

The API of dhtmlxVault v2.5 has been completely reorganized to become more user-friendly and comprehensive. Besides, the component acquired a configurable layout to provide comfy work with files of any type. What is more, Vault gets an updated toolbar that allows applying any icon fonts for displaying buttons.

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