This documentation is dedicated to the dhtmlxVault of 3.0+ versions. To get information about the version 2.5, follow the related documentation.

Among most powerful benefits of dhtmlxVault there are abilities to load the list of files from a server, control over the number, size and types of uploaded files, two modes of rendering list of files, integration with popular frameworks as well as flexible toolbar, and easy customization of Vault appearance and behavior.

Creating Vault

Discusses all stages of standard dhtmlxVault initialization, mentions configuration settings and rules of presenting Vault in the necessary language.

Exploring Vault Features

Shows the ways of loading files and working with them. Gives a brief overview of handling events. Introduces implementations of custom solutions.

Integrations with Other Frameworks

Describes how to add dhtmlxVault into apps based on other JavaScript frameworks.

Styling Vault

Explores the ways of adjusting the appearance of dhtmlxVault to the needs of your project.
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