Migration from 2.5 to 3.0

This article will help you to migrate from the previous version 2.5 of dhtmlxVault to the totally renewed version 3.0. Check the list below to explore all the changes.

2.5 -> 3.0

The API of version 2.5 is still available, but it is incompatible with the API of version 3.0.

Changed API

Changed events

Removed API

vault.addDraggableNode vault.readableSize vault.setSLURL
vault.disable vault.removeDraggableNode vault.setSWFURL
vault.enable vault.setAutoRemove vault.setSizes
vault.getData vault.setDownloadURL vault.setSkin
vault.getFileExtension vault.setFilesLimit vault.setWidth
vault.getMaxFileSize vault.setHeight vault.unload
vault.getSLVersion vault.setMaxFileSize
vault.getStatus vault.setProgressMode

Removed events

  • vault.attachEvent("onBeforeClear",function(){})
  • vault.attachEvent("onClear",function(){})
  • vault.attachEvent("onDrop",function(){})
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