adds info about one file to the list of Vault

void add(object file,number index);
fileobjectthe file object
indexnumberoptional, the position in the file list

Example{ "name":"text.png", size:1234 });


Each file object can contain the following properties:

  • id - (string) the ID of the file
  • image - (string) an HTML Canvas image for preview in the grid
  • link - (string) the path to the file on a server
  • name - (string) the name of the file including the extension (for adding files from a server)
  • size - (number) the size of the file in bytes (for adding files from a server)
  • status - (string) the status of the file ("queue", "inprogress", "uploaded", or "failed")
  • path - (string) the path to the file including the name of the folder (in case a folder with files is added)
  • preview - (string) the path to the preview image for a file. Can be set for a file with status:"uploaded". If the parameter isn't specified, Vault will generate preview automatically
  • progress - (number) the progress of the file upload
  • request - (object) an XMLHttpRequest object sent to server when an upload begins

The path attribute is added only to files that were added in a folder. Thus, a file "dog.jpg" added in the folder "animals" will get the attribute path="animals/".

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