fires before the redo() method is called

boolean onBeforeRedo(array action);
actionarraya user action as an array of command objects
booleandefines whether the default action of the event will be triggered (true) or canceled (false)


    // your code here
    return true;

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This event is defined in the undo extension, so you need to enable the undo plugin. Read the details in the Undo/Redo Functionality article.

The event is blockable. Returning false will cancel further processing.

The action parameter presents an array of command objects, each of which contains the following set of attributes:

  • type - (string) the type of a command: "add/remove/update"
  • entity - (string) the type of the object which was changed: "task" or "link"
  • value - (object) the changed task/link object
  • oldValue - (object) the task/link object before changes
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added in version 4.0

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