if dynamic loading is enabled, fires after a user expands the task branch but before loading starts

boolean onBeforeBranchLoading(object settings);
settingsobjectan object which contains the task id and request URL
booleanreturning `false` will cancel the dynamic loading and the data request won't be sent to the server

Available only in PRO Edition


gantt.attachEvent("onBeforeBranchLoading", function(settings){
    var task = gantt.getTask(settings.taskId);
    config.url += "&value=" + encodeURIComponent(task.text);
    return true;


This event can be used to add extra parameters to dynamic loading requests. The settings object contains two properties - the id of the task and the request url:

   taskId: 1,

The request url can be modified from code.

This event fires only when Dynamic loading is enabled.

The event is blockable, returning false will cancel the dynamic loading request.

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