fires when the mouse is moved over the gantt container

void onMouseMove(string|number id,Event e);
idstring|numberthe id of the task that the mouse is moved over
eEventa native event object


gantt.attachEvent("onMouseMove", function (id, e){
    //any custom logic here


This event is an alias of the native mousemove event handler attached to the gantt.$root element.

When the event target is a node of a task element, the related task id will be passed into the first argument. Otherwise, the first argument will be null.

    expire: -1,
    text: "<span id='pointer-date'></span>"
const formatDate = gantt.date.date_to_str("%Y-%m-%d %H:%i");
gantt.attachEvent("onMouseMove", function (id, e){
    const helper = gantt.utils.dom;
    if(helper.isChildOf(e.target, gantt.$task_data)){
        const textContainer = document.querySelector("#pointer-date");
        const pos = helper.getRelativeEventPosition(e, gantt.$task_data);
        const pointerDate = gantt.dateFromPos(pos.x);
        textContainer.innerText = formatDate(pointerDate);

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