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Data Protocol

Data fetching


Command parameters:

  • none


Command parameters:

  • connector=true - flag of connector based request. The flag is set automatically, once you include the connector.js file on the page (note that if you use dhtmlxSuite package, connector.js is already included into the package and there's no need to include it additionally)

  • dhx_colls=field1,field2...fieldN - optional, can contain a list of fields for which collections will be requested. dhtmlxGrid uses such parameters to request data for combo columns and select filter (such requests are executed just once , for initial data loading)

  • dhx_sort[field]=directon - instruct server-side connector to sort dataset by the defined field
  • dhx_filter[field]=mask - instruct server-side connector to filter dataset by the defined field
//filter by %test%

Grid specific

Requesting part of data (Dynamic Smart Rendering or Dynamic Paging)


  • posStart - the position from which data is requested
  • count - the count of requested rows

Combo specific

Requesting part of data


  • pos - the position from which data is requested

Filter by label field


  • mask - the filtering mask for the label field

Tree/TreeGrid specific

Requesting branch of tree


  • id - the parent id for the requested branch

Data updating (using dataProcessor)


  • editing=true - the mark of dataprocessor-based call POST

  • ids - a list of updated records

  • [id]_[property] - for each field inside of the updated record the related field in POST is generated
  • [id]_!nativeeditor_status - the action type
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