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Operating Combobox's Options

There's a set of operations you can apply to the Combo options. You can find the list of them below:

Adding Option to Combo

To add options to Combo, use the addOption method:


The method takes a list of options that should be added to Combo. The type of the options parameter may differ. Please, check the related samples.

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Deleting Option

To delete an option, use the deleteOption method:


The method takes the option's value as a parameter.

Updating Option

To update an option, use the updateOption method:


The parameters are:

  • oldvalue - (string) the current option's value
  • value - (string) a new option's value
  • text - (string) a new option's text
  • css - (string) a new style for the option

Selecting Option

To select an option in the Combo, use the selectOption method:


It takes the index of the option in question as a parameter.

To unselect a selected option, use the unSelectOption method:


Getting Value of Selected Option

To get the selected value option, use the getSelectedValue method:


It returns the value of the selected item as a string.

Getting Text of Selected Option

To get the text of the selected option, use the getSelectedText method:


Getting Text of Combo Editor

To get the text set in Combo editor, use the getComboText method:


To set text into the Combo editor, use the setComboText method:


As a parameter, it takes a new text to be set into the Combo editor.

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